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There are literally hundreds of marketing channels and platforms available for brands and marketers to share, engage and convert: everything from paid ads to influencer marketing, social media and of course email marketing. Email marketing can seem like an outdated strategy, however, the truth is,...

For most marketers, User-Generated-Content (or UGC for acronym nerds) is seen as a relatively new term - however, in the world of events and tourism marketing, UGC has been around for more than a decade. In fact a whole micro economy of apps and dedicated software...

The cost to attend a Taylor Swift concert was a staggering $2,424 USD per ticket, on average. This raises the question - how much are consumers willing to spend on entertainment? Will the rising living costs impact your ticket sales?We’ve compiled a list of the top...

Short-form video content is leading the scene. According to Wyzowl’s 2022 Video Marketing Statistics, people spend an average of 19 hours per week watching videos on social media.Why are they so attractive? Because they’re designed to entertain. As predicted, video content has taken over the...

The Social Media landscape is composed of people. Real people with real lives, unique demands and visible and invisible disabilities. According to the World Health Organization, 285 million people around the world are visually impaired, and 360 million have disabling hearing loss (source: Sprinklr). Are...

Have you planned out your event marketing goals for this year? Setting goals is super important to make sure you’re keeping up to date with your target audience’s wants and needs, continuously growing your business and meeting the financial requirements for your event. But how...

It’s no news: social media has seen a rise like never before since the pandemic. Spending (valuable) time at home has triggered consumers to seek solutions and satisfy their necessities through their phones: information, education and entertainment - at any time, without limits. This non-stop demand...