A hand is holding a phone and recording the interior of a house.

Video Content on Social Media

Short-form video content is leading the scene. According to Wyzowl’s 2022 Video Marketing Statistics, people spend an average of 19 hours per week watching videos on social media.

Why are they so attractive? Because they’re designed to entertain. As predicted, video content has taken over the social media sphere and is now the key to success for many businesses and creators.

Two hands hold a phone with the tiktok app open.

Whether it’s on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or any other social network, videos are an effective way of communicating a long or complex message within a few seconds and in a simple way. Their potential is limitless, as there are hundreds of thousands of ways to create and share.

So, if you still need convincing to start creating your own, here are five reasons why you should incorporate video content on social media right away.

1. Videos help reach new and wider audiences in shorter periods of time. They are the preferred content type for most social media platforms, so usually guarantee more exposure and potential engagement. Incorporating video into your content production  strategy can  be a highly effective tool for growth and success.

A hand is holding a phone with the camera shooting at the city.

2. The fast-consuming era is here and brands count on very short attention spans to engage their viewers. Videos have the advantage of capturing attention faster and for an extended time. What you should always have in mind is that the first seconds of your video will determine your audience’s completion rate (do they watch till the end or leave after a few seconds?). Beware of promising too much! You must later ensure that the video content meets the viewer’s expectations.

A girl is taking a selfie.

4. Videos are much easier to create. Gone are the days of elaborate video production, professional equipment and highly edited or polished production. Mobile phones come with high-quality cameras and intuitive editing tools. Videos can be made at any time and any place. Pairing with content creators (a.k.a the new UGC) is a great idea for producing real consumer content and increasing your brand’s authenticity and engagement with potential audiences.

5. Videos are a great way of personalising your brand. The 2023 Social Media Trends highlight authenticity and transparency as key aspects to bear in mind while using social media. Videos are the perfect tool to humanise your brand and connect in a deeper, more truthful way with your audience. You could use video to show the ‘behind-the-scenes’, tell real stories, show the working team and transmit your brand’s identity.

A hand is holding a phone and recording the interior of a house.

After knowing all the great things that come with video content on social media, you’re now ready to start creating. Below, we’ve detailed a few steps to consider while adventuring in the fantastic world of audiovisual storytelling.

Two hands are holding the light, camera, action sign at a movie set.
A hand is holding a phone and recording the landscape.

Whether you’re running a festival or launching a new cultural experience, video content will be key to connecting with your audience – especially with those who aren’t able to experience it first-hand. 

Pre-event videos can anticipate the occasion’s feeling, live streaming will bring the event to life wherever your followers are, and post-event recap videos are the best way to keep an audience engaged and wanting more. Remember, content can also be valuable real estate for sponsors and longer form content can be commercialised for future downloads. Just ensure the content feels organic and not over-produced.

Two hands are holding a phone while recording a fireworks show.

Nothing beats the advantage of live-streaming a music show or feeling the joy of a family-friendly festival through a post-event video!

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