Our Ethos.

We are dedicated to sustainability, inclusion and diversity

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As an ethical, environmentally conscious and responsible agency, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact and implementing sustainable practices into our every day business operations and our clients’ events and campaigns.


We recognise that small, seemingly simple changes – such as using energy-efficient LED bulbs, conserving paper and using sustainable transportation to get to and from work – can make a real and lasting difference to the planet.


Socially Conscious at our Core

Since our inception in 2008, Milestone Creative has remained committed to providing accessibility, diversity and inclusion – through our workplace, our marketing and our events. 


We aim to be a holistically diverse, accessible, equitable and inclusive business. We achieve this through building authentic relationships with our clients, our staff and the wider community – ensuring that the quality work we do is crafted with care and close attention to the impact it creates.