Social Media marketing

Social Media marketing

Personalisation, human-centred, connection, engagement. Four powerful words that can help you attract and connect with your audience online.

The old-school approach to media and marketing is well and truly out the window.

As the landscape changes, more people are reading news and connecting, colleagues and friends through online media platforms.

To get ahead of the curve, here’s some tips on building our presence using your online channels from Australia’s #1 event marketing agency:

| Do regular audits of your social media accounts.
| Take up more real estate on platforms by using dimensions for media that optimise space.
| Add a landing page (Link Tree, Campsite) to your Instagram account to house more than one link at a time.
| Organise your stories using highlights.
| Increase your reach using Facebook stories.
| Develop a hashtag strategy that amplifies your content by up to 8x.
| Supercharge your views, clicks and shares by using video content on your platforms.
| Stay at the top of the pile by regularly refreshing artwork on your social headers.
| Load your videos onto YouTube, the #2 search engine in the world.
| Use the 80/20 rule with content – 80% fresh content aimed at engagement, 20% with a sales call to action.

If you want more tips on managing your social media, download our free social media guide. It’s a step by step, practical guide to supercharging your socials.

Download the ‘Guide to Social Media Marketing’ here.