Branding & Brochureware Site build for DanD‘s new Scopo Map

Scopo Map is a program that provides detailed street-level data for fast and rigorous stakeholder analysis, community relations, and marketing. The software utilises ABS, Australia Post & Census data to provide insights into demographics for use in marketing campaign research, mailout/door knocking strategy or better understanding the people & businesses living and operating in the area.

Scopo approached Milestone to manage the branding and logo design for their new software. Milestone was tasked with designing a logo, branding kit, app icon & brochureware website for the software.

Milestone delivered the following services:


  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Website Build

The Results.

Milestone Creative produced a full logo suite, with 7 original logo designs for the client to choose from over 2 rounds of edits. With a new logo produced; Milestone built Scopo’s full brochureware website within these guidelines.


The logo development for Scopo focused on creating a flexible suite for use across both digital and print mediums.


The simple and streamlined shapes of the arrow icon made up of three separate shards provides a subtle “map” visual for the viewer, while the warm colour palette of yellows, oranges and reds reflects the heat mapping tool available within the Scopo software. The chosen san serif typography for the Scopomap wordmark ties in with the current DanD wordmark – maintaining a mutual element between the two brands.

Let’s work together.

Let’s work together.