Lion Heart Dance Company’s Premier Season of FAE

Milestone Creative was engaged by Lion Heart Dance Company (LHDC) to provide marketing support for their premier season of their new show FAE. Milestone has previously worked with LHDC before on their season of Don’t Go, and were thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with them again.

Milestone was to manage the digital marketing for the FAE shows, as well as boost their online and media presence in the form of online event listings to maximise discoverability, and the development of a press release  to be distributed by the LHDC team. 


The Challenges:

We faced a few challenges in the execution of this campaign. Including:

  • FAE was in direct competition with a show by Sydney Dance Company, who had their show on the same weekend and marketing campaign running for the same period of time.
  • Short campaign period.
  • Fast turnaround times. 
  • System limitations in booking platforms, making performance tracking more difficult.
  • Digital marketing, including:
    • Campaign strategy
    • Digital ad copywriting
    • Composition of detailed design briefs to LHDC design team
    • Implementation of advance tracking codes
  • Event listings, including copywriting, event site research and listing submissions
  • Press release

The Results.

The digital advertising campaign generated a total of 273,219 impressions, with over 10,000 clicks, 28,000 engagements on Meta, an excellent 10.39% click through rate (CTR) on Google and 5.89% CTR on Meta. Listings were submitted to 10 sites, and approved on 8. These 8 sites generated an estimated monthly website traffic of 1,975,840.


Overall we saw great results, exceeding our benchmarks for digital campaigns within the arts and culture space. See below breakdown:



  • Cost per click (CPC) on Meta was $0.38, compared to our average benchmark of $0.54. This means the campaign generated a higher number of clicks per dollar compared to other events in this space.
  • CPC on Google was $0.71, compared to our average benchmark of $0.88, again, generating more clicks per dollar spent compared to other events in this space.
  • Engagement rate on Meta was 11.01%, which is a really great result. The industry standard results are between 1%-2% for engagement rate, indicating that our results are reporting over 5x the industry standard.


As the target audiences for this campaign were relatively niche, the overall impressions generated lower results compared to other events within this space that utilised a similar budget. But with a much higher engagement rate and click through rate than our average benchmark, we can see that the target audiences for this campaign were very strong and highly interested/engaged with the content. Overall, the campaign saw positive results.


Milestone provided social media services which included creating social media posts, content for the feed, stories and REELS, as well as community engagement. Our Social Media Editor filmed content onsite during the event period for the channels. Our team increased followers on Instagram by 37% and significantly increased the amount of video and carousel content onto the accounts channels. An objective identified within the event marketing strategy was to improve the accounts Engagement Rate (ER). Prior to commencing, this figure sat at 0.05%. Our team increased this figure to 0.62%, increasing the engagement by 1,140%


The digital ad campaign also received fantastic results, especially through Google Search Ads which received an overall Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 82.78 for the campaign and a significant increase within the last 10 days at 189.73. Meta Business Ads took the responsibility of building general awareness for the campaign with ads receiving 143.6K impressions, 2K link clicks and 10K engagements.


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Let’s work together.

Let’s work together.