MEA Conference Lesson 1: Stop Interrupting

Varun Bhandarkar: Marketing Has Changed: The Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing Stop trying to attract attention by interrupting them! The old playbook is broken. The buyer is in control and has all of the power and can make their own decision on whether they are buying from you, even before they speak to you. Remember, people’s time is limited: 91% of people unsubscribe from email, 83% skip TV ads, 97% of direct mail is never responded to and 48% are on no-call lists. Content is important Рgive context, make it relevant and make it solve a problem for the customer. The key to getting clients to come back to you is adding value by giving them extra information for free. It all starts with content; such as blog posts and web content; photos and infographics; LinkedIn videos; videos and podcasts; presentations and ebooks in exchange for contact details or and software and tools. .. If you want more information on funnel marketing, please contact us.