Event Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is king right now.

A content strategy was traditionally used to help your website “be found” on the internet. Now, we write content to build trust in your brand. We have developed a comprehensive content-marketing approach that includes content creation (clips, gifs and blogs), then supercharges it across every platform in a targeted and meaningful way.

  • When creating content, make sure to tell a story as well as focusing on using long-form text rather than short “sales” messages.


  • Make sure to customise your content so that it suits each targeted audience with their needs and that it matches their personalities.


  • Be creative with content. Get an interview on a popular podcast series, live stream from your social media channels, or create an IGTV video.


Here are our Content Marketing top tips:


  • Create a blog on your website; or better still, a blog URL.
        • Drive traffic from your social media channels by posting snippets of your content and linking it to your blog. You can also post snippets of your blogs to LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups and your own eDM/newsletter.
        • If creating a video, the best lengths for optimal engagement are:
              • Instagram: 15sec – 1min
              • Facebook: 3min – 4min
              • YouTube 10+min


  • Contribute content to other platforms or ask to backlink eg: LinkedIn Pulse. There are also content services such as Blogger / HubSpot which are good tools to use.


  • Make sure to post content and images to your Google Business Page, making sure it is regularly updated.



  • Add relevant hashtags. A useful hashtag analytic tool, ‘Hashtagify’, is a great research tool for a high volume of hashtags. Make sure they are relevant to the content.



  • Provide something for free through a funnel marketing technique.