5 Social Media Tips for Marketing In A Lockdown

With half the country currently in lockdown, Australian social media usage is at a high but morale is low. Here’s our content tips to make sure your social media presence is relevant and stands out in the current climate.

1. Keep the Content Coming!

Don’t stop posting. A lot of businesses are shying away from posting content during these unprecedented times. However, since Australians are spending more time online, now is the time for you to be spreading your brand’s story and connecting with your audiences. We suggest swapping out those hard-selling posts with softer messaging that’s empathetic and considerate of your audiences’ situation, especially if your audience is also part of the events industry.

2. Be Transparent

It is a tough time for everyone, but as we are all experiencing the pandemic together, we highly recommend not to avoid the topic and to not look the other way. Content that ignores the situation may appear seemingly ignorant and garner a negative response; whilst empathetic posts that acknowledge the pandemic and an understanding of (you) and your audience’s current situation will see your audience supporting you and your business. It is your choice whether or not to openly address how the business is going in the pandemic, but we strongly advise you to be honest and open with all communications as this is a more authentic and genuine approach, and at the end of the day people don’t like to be sold to.

3. Connecting

Start connecting with your audiences. Communicate with them, ask them questions and engage in conversation. According to the latest GWI Social Media Report, “[GWI] observed the pandemic breathing some life back into the more ‘social’ elements of social media – with people relying on these platforms to replace the physical interactions they’d lost.” For example, to best connect with your audience, go live on your channels. This gives your audience the chance to ask questions about your products, services and business. Other ideas are to create a poll, a competition or even just ask questions in the captions of your post.

4. Online Shopping / Booking Features

Consumers have changed the way they shop and when comparing buying trends from a pre-covid era to now, it’s vastly different. According to an IBIS World Industry Analysis, online shopping in Australia has increased 35% from 2020 – 2021. Facebook and Instagram have identified this increased activity, and now offer shopping features that benefit small businesses, particularly those who have had to shift to selling products online. Facebook also offers an appointment booking feature, allowing businesses that offer services the opportunity for their audiences to book appointments through their Facebook page. We highly recommend utilising these features if you’re not already doing so and letting your followers know that these features are available to use to connect with you.

5. Get Creative!

Our last tip is to get creative. According to the latest GWI Social Media Report, “Entertaining and inspiring content is the key to profitable social commerce.” With users consuming so much more content than ever before and online shopping at its highest, we recommend thinking outside of the box and posting quality content that stands out. This could be jumping on a Tik Tok trend, creating a DIY project or even partnering with an influencer.

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