MEA Conference Lesson 2: Be “digitally empathetic”

Anders Sorman-Nilsson: “Digital Mind and Analogue Heart – Transformational Events” We live in a cyber utopia, with digital information available to us all the time. How do we create disruption in a transformational economy? How do we use big and small data for investment, continued buy-in and engagement with B2B and B2C audiences? Anders quoted The Head of Janus “one eye to the past, one eye to the future”, demonstrating how to humanise technology and combine the analogue and virtual worlds: * Face 2 face vs interface 2 interface * High touch vs high-tech * Touching hearts vs minds * Going offline vs online * Add the personal touch vs digital connect Then he asked the question what friction do you put up that is stopping your clients from connecting with you? Is it digital? You need to add analogue touchpoints along the customer journey, so your customer can relate to you and your brand. He challenged us to re-think our approach to digital and the way we connect with our clients. Becoming “digitally empathetic” is the future: that is, human empathy augmented with your digital solution, to really connect with our clients’ digital minds and analogue hearts.