Milestone wins State and National Event Marketing awards

On Friday 29 May 2020, Milestone was announced the State and National winner of the Event Marketing Awards at the Meetings & Events Australia Awards.

The submission included an overview of Milestone’s work in event strategy, campaign ideation, creativity in branding and design, marketing, media planning, digital marketing and social media campaigns. The submission covered several clients and events, but used its success in attracting 22,000 visitors to SailGP’s inaugural held in Sydney in 2019, as a case study.

This places Milestone at the pinnacle of event marketing in Australia, having won this award previously as well as winning the Best Marketing Campaign at the Australian Event Awards in 2019.

Milestone also marketed the awards event, which was broadcast live from ICC Sydney Studios, attracting more than 500 online attendees and setting a benchmark for engaging event marketing and virtual awards delivery.

Some of the team were able to join the online party, in their Lilyfield studio – socially distanced of course. We’ll pop the champagne together as a team to officially celebrate when we officially return to the studio at the end of June!

Milestone’s MD accepting the “virtual” award (A4 print…). We’ll celebrate as a team together soon.

About the Awards

The Australian event industry’s first, most loved and respected awards evening was broadcast live from ICC Sydney Studios on Friday 29 May 2020. The broadcast marked a special occasion, being the first official event for the Australian event industry since the Federal Government’s announcement about restrictions on gatherings. The reimagined format set a benchmark for live online events, with the full event production being broadcast live from ICC Sydney Studios, including a virtual red carpet, glamorous stage set and in-studio MC with guests. ICC Sydney will be mustering finalists in virtual rooms, so that all viewers could see responses and winners’ speeches live and interstitial messages from event professionals from around the country were presented as part of the fast-paced, 2 hour program. Milestone led the marketing and media for this important event, imagineered ideas for interstitial programming, created fun and engaging content ideas and promoted key sponsors in new and creative ways.